To work with Nathan, please contact our Business Development staff.

Darryle Conway

Darryle Conway

Senior Vice President, Chief Growth Officer
+1 703 516 7730

As Nathan’s Chief Growth Officer, Mr. Conway leads corporate strategic planning and business development efforts to diversify and promote the growth of offerings and clients.

Mr. Conway works at the corporate level in the Arlington office.

Katie Henke

Katie Henke

Director, Business Development
+1 703 516 7746

Ms. Henke has over 15 years of experience covering a wide range of economic, governance, social, and environmental issues throughout sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. She has worked with a variety of clients, including USAID, USDOL, USDOS, DFID, SDC, private and philanthropic foundations, and multinational corporations.

Ms. Henke works in Nathan’s International Development group in the Arlington office.

Andreea Capanu

Andreea Capanu

Director, International Recruiting
+1 703 516 7748

Ms. Capanu manages and participates in a team that recruits qualified candidates internationally and domestically for new business/proposal development, open positions on ongoing projects, and candidates for corporate positions for Nathan’s diverse set of US government, international, and private sector clients. She oversees the development of the personnel sections and contributes to the management section of proposals.

Capanu works in Nathan’s International Development group in the Arlington office.

DeHaven, Lauren Nathan Associates

Lauren DeHaven

Head of Business Development
+44 (0)20 7902 7780

DeHaven is a skilled international development professional who applies her quantitative and qualitative skills to financial inclusion, challenge funds, and research assignments for sub-Saharan African and south-east Asian countries. During her 9-year career, she has worked with major international organizations, international NGOs, and donors such as the UNCDF, DFID, the World Bank/IFC, FSD Africa, and EBRD.

Ms. DeHaven works in Nathan’s International Development group in the London office.

Kannan, Malusekaran Nathan Associates

Malusekaran Kannan

Head-Regulatory Economics
(91) 011-4105-4867

Kannan specializes in regulatory economics and policy and impact analysis. His areas of expertise include policy design, development of regulatory framework for infrastructure sectors, economic research and analysis, and air cargo logistics.

Mr. Kannan works in Nathan’s Advisory Services group in the Delhi office.