Cambodia, Micro Small and Medium Enterprise 2/Business Enabling Environment

Nathan brought the USAID-funded Cambodian Garment Industry Productivity Center (GIPC) to full sustainability in 2011. The center helps the Cambodian garment industry rise to the challenge of global competition by raising output and lowering costs, developing the industrial skills of … Read More

Philippines, Local Implementation of National Competitiveness for Economic Growth (LINC-EG)

Nathan worked with local and regional businesses, governments, and advocacy groups to improve competitiveness throughout the Philippines and especially in the Mindanao Region. Our team of international and local experts measured factors of and constraints on competitiveness, helped set a … Read More

APEC Technical Assistance and Training Facility

Underscoring its commitment to APEC’s goal of regional integration, the U.S. Government launched the APEC Technical Assistance and Training Facility (TATF) in October 2008. Managed by Nathan Associates, the TATF Supports APEC and the APEC Secretariat in furthering regional economic … Read More

Worldwide Trade Capacity Building (TCBoost) Project

TCBoost supported USAID in extending the benefits of globalization deeply and broadly throughout the developing world. A rapid-response mechanism that addressed a wide variety of needs in developing countries, TCBoost gave USAID/Washington, USAID missions, and trade hubs expert assistance in … Read More

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