Qatar, National Shared Passive Infrastructure Network Analysis

The Qatari state began in 2011 to put in place a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure network with a goal of achieving 95 percent of homes connected by 2015. Nathan, under contract with the government, provided strategic, regulatory, and policy advice on … Read More

Haiti, Feasibility Study of Northern Ports

The inadequacy of Haiti’s main port in Port-au-Prince became clear when life-saving relief supplies and food could not reach Haitians after the earthquake in 2010. To support the government’s efforts to create economic opportunities outside of Port-au-Prince, USAID initiated improvements … Read More

National Port Master Plan (NPMP), NPMP Decree Preparation, and Activity Design (Indonesia)

Indonesia mandated the Directorate General of Sea Transportation (DGST) to prepare a National Ports Master Plan (NPMP) by June 2010 as part of the country’s port reform efforts, however the first version of the plan failed to meet technical expectations. … Read More

Namibia, Economic Market Study for Strategic Expansion of Walvis Bay Container Terminal

The Port of Walvis Bay is located near trade shipping routes that traverse the Cape of Good Hope and provide cargo service connecting Asia with southern and western Africa as well as South America. As traffic volume increased, the state-owned … Read More

Brazil, Technical Assistance for Tancredo Neves International Airport Master Plan

Nathan provided expert technical assistance to Ministry of Economic Development to define the master plan for developing the Tancredo Neves International Airport (TNIA) as an international gateway for passengers and cargo in Minas Gerais in Brazil. We defined the conditions … Read More

Independent Engineer Due Diligence Analysis for a Mineral Port in Colombia

The Port Society of Puerto de Mamonal is one of the major maritime terminals located in the Port of Cartagena, and has recently specialized in the handling of coal exports. The Inter-American Corporation for Infrastructure Financing (CIFI), together with Dutch … Read More

Port Market Assessment, Colombia

With Colombia’s strategic geographic location at the mouth of South America, which provides port access to both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and proximity to the Panama Canal and U.S. markets, Columbia is an attractive option for international companies looking … Read More

Estimating Availability and Use of Ferrous Scrap in Peru, Mexico and Argentina

For Gerdau, one of the largest long steel producers in the world, Nathan conducted study to estimate the availability and use of ferrous scrap, a vital raw material for new steel production in three countries, i.e., Peru, Mexico and Argentina. … Read More

Economic Impact of the Panama Canal and Logistics Sector on the Panamanian Economy

Nathan was selected to perform a cost benefit analysis of the Panama Canal and its inter-related activities on the Panamanian Economy. The canal zone had expanded to include a set of inter-related activities increasingly linked to international trade and less … Read More

Market Assessment for the Port of Ancón (Peru)

Container trade in Peru has significantly expanded in the last decade, but it is concentrated mainly in Callao and in a small portion of the northern port of Paita. Callao’s historic share of the country’s container market is stable and … Read More

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