Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is vital to economic development. Nathan Associates helps people grasp the value of intellectual property and assists governments in developing countries in creating, implementing, and enforcing intellectual property systems that improve the environment for business and spur competitiveness in domestic industries. We explore “the art of intellectual property” — developing creative strategies that put the intellectual property system to work protecting consumers, enabling trade and investment, protecting a country’s cultural heritage, and promoting profitability.

Our services in developing countries

  • Help governments prepare to meet international norms for IP protection in laws, policies, and regulations;
  • Develop and strengthen institutional capabilities to ensure efficient protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Promote the profitability and development of businesses; and
  • Protect innovators, businesses, and consumers.

In providing these services we devise communication strategies to change public perceptions of intellectual property, provide judges case-based training on IP infringement, modernize industrial property office functions and resources, create certification marks and protect geographical indications that move products into higher-value markets, develop procedures to prevent and remedy practices that deceive or harm consumers, and help businesses place a value on their intangible assets.

Overseas our IP work has focused on the development of systems for protecting intellectual property and developing trademarks. In the United States, our litigation support and expert testimony focuses on matters related to patents, copyright, and trademark, trade dress, and trade secrets.

Below we provide links to a selection of our recent commentary on intellectual property, trade, and industry:

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