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Does economic growth always benefit the poor and the disadvantaged?  What do we know about how to foster enduring growth that does benefit them? How effective are USAID’s economic growth programs in the context of U.S. foreign assistance objectives?

USAID asked Nathan Associates to lead a team attempting to answer these questions as a contribution to the ongoing debate about development assistance priorities. The result is a series of concise policy briefs, dubbed Programming for Growth, that examines evidence on the value and effectiveness of USAID’s economic growth programs. 

On June 25, Dr. Bruce Bolnick, head of the Programming for Growth team, presented the findings to a full house at the final plenary session of USAID’s triennial Economic Growth Officers Conference. 

Dr. Bolnick's presentation is available on the website for Nathan Associates’ Country Analytical Support project, along with 10 briefing notes, an overview paper, an introductory essay by Professor Arnold Harberger, and a list of contributing team members. 

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