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May 5, 2016—The newly published SME Financing—How to Topic Guide focuses on the financial instruments available to help bridge the financing gap for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), reviewing existing financing programs and their impacts and drawing out lessons learned. The guide

  • explores how governments and development partners have stepped in to address market failures through financial instruments, complementary market infrastructure, and regulatory initiatives
  • provides an in-depth review of specific financial sector instruments (ranging from the traditional to the innovative) and will consider what works and why, with whom and under what conditions; and
  • makes recommendations as to how SME financing programs could be structured including sequencing and preconditions for success.

Nathan Associates produced the guide for EPS-PEAKS, a consortium of organizations providing Economics and Private Sector Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services to the U.K. Department for International Development (DfID). Kerry Hamilton,a Nathan senior consultant in London, was coauthor. 

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