Nathan Associates Co-sponsors Seminar on Islamic Banking News Feed

Date: 2001-2005

Dr. Thomas Timberg presented “Islamic Banking in Indonesia,” and the “Blueprint for the Development of Shariah Banking in Indonesia” at a seminar March 18, 2003, at Nathan Associates Inc., 2101 Wilson Blvd. Suite 1200, Arlington, Virginia.

Sponsored by the IRIS Center and Nathan Associates in connection with the AMAP Enabling Environment Project, the seminar covered Islamic finance, international donor policy, and the example of Indonesia. For background information, please see Islamic Finance and International Donor Policy.

“Islamic Banking in Indonesia” was produced for USAID’s Partnership for Economic Growth (PEG) project. The “Blueprint for the Development of Shariah Banking in Indonesia” (Cetak Biru Pengembangan Perbankan Syariah Indonesia) was produced by the Shariah Bureau of Bank Indonesia, the country’s Central Bank, in 2003.

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