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November 7, 2014—Judy Winegar Goans, an intellectual property specialist at Nathan Associates, has completed a new edition of Intellectual Property: Principles and Practice, an internationally focused guide to the intricacies of copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secrets for businesses, legal professionals, and universities.

Judy Goans in Cairo for book signingThough originally published in 2003 for Egyptian readers, the book has gained use in numerous countries including in Latin America, where a Spanish-language version has been available since 2009. The 2003 edition was the first comprehensive, Arabic-language text on the subject available in Egypt. It was quickly adopted as a textbook in the law faculties of Cairo University and other Egyptian universities and has been referred to in judicial decisions in Egypt.

This new edition covers more than a decade of important developments in intellectual property. Among these are approaches to compulsory licensing in various countries and the possibility of a two-country compulsory license for WTO members that would allow countries with a public health emergency but no capacity to manufacture pharmaceuticals to import from a country that has manufacturing capacity. The book also notes courts’ and policymakers’ examination of the patentability of naturally occurring DNA sequences.

Ms. Goans signed copies of the new edition during an October 29 event in Cairo sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development. The book is being distributed across Egypt as part of USAID’s commitment to promoting development of an intellectual property system, one of the pillars of economic growth.

Like the original, the revised edition is printed in English as well as Arabic. A downloadable version in English is available on Nathan’s website. A downloadable version in Arabic is forthcoming.

Ms. Goans, an attorney with more than 35 years of experience, advises governments on intellectual property law and policy and preparations for joining the WTO and other international agreements. She also provides training that helps intellectual property offices function effectively, and helps businesses apply “the art of intellectual property” to add value and promote commercial development. Ms. Goans has advised the governments of Egypt, Mongolia, Uganda, the Kyrgyz Republic, Serbia, and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR). Her work in Lao PDR helped that country qualify for WTO accession in 2013. She is currently supporting the intellectual property component of a project for Myanmar and one for all APEC economies.

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