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Key Staff

Paul D. Bourquin

Managing Economist

Mr. Bourquin, an economist and survey researcher, joined Nathan Associates in 1982. He designs and implements surveys for private clients. For clients involved in litigation or regulatory matters, Mr. Bourquin has conducted web-based and telephone surveys of various populations, such as satellite...

Ram Tamara

Vice President and Senior Economic Adviser; Acting Executive Director, Nathan India

Dr. Tamara, a Nathan Associates vice president and the firm's senior economic adviser, is an expert in industrial organization as well as behavioral and financial economics. He also serves as acting executive director of Nathan’s Indian subsidiary, Nathan Economic Consulting India Private Ltd. (...

Academic Affiliates

Clyde W. Barrow

Academic Affiliate, Nathan Associates Inc.; Professor of Public Policy and Chair of the Department of Political Science, University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Dr. Barrow specializes in public policy research and analysis. His areas of expertise include feasibility analysis, economic impact analysis, regional economic development, survey development and implementation, and policy analysis. He has provided consulting services to private companies, business...

David R. Borges

Academic Affiliate, Nathan Associates; Director of Research & Administration, Public Policy Center, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Mr. Borges is an Academic Affiliate with Nathan Associates, and the Director of Research and Administration for the Public Policy Center at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. In addition to being involved in nearly all of the Center’s operation, he has worked on projects for state and...

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