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Rachid Benjelloun

Vice President, Trade & Logistics

Since his first assignment at Nathan Associates criss-crossing Africa, Mr. Benjelloun has worked passionately to build developing countries' capacity for trade. He now oversees operational, technical, and strategic aspects of the firm’s diverse, expanding trade and logistics business.Mr. Benjelloun...

Niall Condon

Consultant, Nathan Associates London Ltd

Niall Condon is a consultant with experience in private sector development, trade and investment policy analysis, and business environment reform. Since joining Nathan Associates in 2012, Niall has advised the Government of Mauritius on the development of a new Africa-focused trade and investment...

Ignacio Fiestas

Senior Consultant, Nathan Associates London Ltd

Ignacio Fiestas is an economist with more than 10 years of experience as policy specialist in poverty, growth, and private sector development policy. He has provided technical advice and managed large projects involving private sector development and rural economics in Africa and Latin America. He...

Kerry Hamilton

Senior Consultant, Nathan Associates London Ltd

Kerry Hamilton is a Senior Consultant at Nathan Associates London with broad experience in project management, financial sector development, corporate social responsibility and international banking. Kerry has 18 years of experience in supporting initiatives throughout Africa, Asia and the UK. ...

Peter Miller

Managing Associate

Mr. Miller brings an impressive range of quantitative and technological skills to his role as an economic analyst and program manager at Nathan Associates. He is versed in Access, Excel, and SAS, as well as Cloud technology and website development. During multiple assignments at Nathan, Mr. Miller...

B. Lynn Salinger

Principal Associate

Lynn Salinger is an expert in multiple facets of development economies—trade, labor and workforce development, and agriculture and food policy. She has been helping governments, associations, firms, and individuals in middle- and low-income countries acquire the skills necessary to benefit from...

Buddhika Samarasinghe

Director, Nathan Associates London Ltd.

Buddhika Samarasinghe specializes in private sector development, agriculture and rural development, and financial inclusion. A practicing economist since 1995, he applies his expertise to designing, managing and reviewing market systems programs—including the making markets work for the poor...

Mark Thomas

Director, Nathan Associates London Ltd; Director, Agriculture and Rural Development

Mark Thomas is a Director of Nathan Associates London and leads the firm’s Agriculture and Rural Development practice. Having worked as a development economist in Africa and the Caribbean for 30 years, Mr. Thomas has an advanced understanding of the process of agricultural and rural development and...

Maria Valenzuela

Business Developer, Nathan Associates London

Ms. Valenzuela is Head of Business Development at Nathan Associates London and has 10 years of professional experience on donor-funded technical assistance projects. She identifies and prioritizes opportunities for new business in the public and private sector, manages the business development team...

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