Kathleen King (Affiliate)


PhD, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MS, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA, Economics and International Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. King, president of King and Associates Economic Consulting, LLC, has decades of experience as an economist specializing in commodity and financial markets and the energy sector. She has provided expert testimony and support in litigation, arbitration, and investigations, as well as providing advisory services. Her work has included matters dealing with market manipulation and collusion in both commodity and financial markets, other trading and risk management related disputes, as well as contract disputes, bankruptcy, pricing of wholesale and retail energy products, modeling power markets, and disputes related to power plant construction.

Dr. King has testified regarding alleged market manipulation and pricing in energy markets, including assessment of intraday and daily price movements, trading patterns, and fundamental supply and demand factors. She was retained as an expert witness in cases involving allegations of market manipulation and involving allegations related to options trading in commodities markets. Her analysis included assessing the artificiality of prices and modeling prices that would have prevailed but-for alleged conduct. She has opined on the fair value of forward contracts for natural gas delivery in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and on reasons for oil price changes and their impact on petrochemical manufacturing costs.

Dr. King also has provided expert consulting support in financial and commodity markets in cases of alleged manipulation and collusion. She has assessed economic theories of harm to competition and methods of manipulation, and generated preliminary damage estimates. She has analyzed trade and order data to detect manipulative conduct. Dr. King has consulted on the surveillance of securities and derivatives markets for manipulation.

Dr. King has provided expert consulting support in the energy sector in a variety of litigation and arbitration matters. She has analyzed riskiness of trading and risk management practices, strategies of trading and marketing organizations, transaction pricing, accuracy of public disclosures regarding business practices, cost pass-through in gasoline markets, and contract disputes including cogeneration plant construction, chemical manufacturing, and cogeneration plant contracts rejected in bankruptcy. Her work has included modeling electricity markets and the dispatch of generating plants, forecasting power prices, and analysis of trading patterns and practices.

In addition to her consulting experience, Dr. King worked for Capstone Global Energy, Cinergy Capital and Trading, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

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Nathan Affiliate specializing in energy market modeling, trading and risk management, contract disputes, and analysis of potential market manipulation

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