Judy Winegar Goans

Principal Associate


J.D., University of Tennessee College of Law, 1978
B.S., Engineering Physics with honors, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1971


Ms. Goans is an attorney with more than 35 years of experience. Her areas of interest include strengthening the legal and institutional framework for intellectual property and using the intellectual property system to promote competitiveness.

Promoting investment and innovation–key elements of economic growth–requires effective intellectual property protection. Ms. Goans assists governments in establishing or strengthening intellectual property systems to meet international requirements for the WTO or free trade agreements, and to enable fuller participation in global systems of protection that create environments that attract investment and encourage innovation. Ms. Goans has been a technical adviser to the governments of Mongolia, Uganda, Egypt, and the Kyrgyz Republic as they prepared new intellectual property laws.

Ms. Goans also advises on improvements in the institutional framework for intellectual property and building capacity for industry to make use of its benefits. As chief of party for Nathan Associates’ Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights in Egypt (SIPRE) Project (1996–2001), she developed a comprehensive plan of improvements for Egypt's industrial property offices. She provided operational advice to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of the intellectual property offices of Ecuador and the Republic of Serbia.  
Working with Nathan's Intellectual Property Rights in Egypt project, Ms. Goans developed and participated in a series of judicial workshops that resulted in stronger intellectual property enforcement in Egypt. Ms. Goans has also lectured in faculties of law in universities in Egypt and Sri Lanka and in seminars for patent examiners on behalf of the Government of Taiwan. With other Nathan Associates consultants, she is the author of Intellectual Property Principles and Practice, a book developed to help industry and intellectual property practitioners use the intellectual property system effectively. Ms. Goans has also written and spoken on commercial law as a framework for economic growth.

In addition, Ms. Goans focuses on what she calls “the art of intellectual property”– using the intellectual property system to add value and promote commercial development. By effective use of the intellectual property system, enterprises may be able to increase the value of their goods by 100 percent. She has worked with Mongolia’s cashmere industry and with several industry clusters in Sri Lanka to promote the competitiveness of their products on the global market.

Below are links to a selection of Ms. Goans's recent commentary on intellectual property, trade, and industry:

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Intellectual property law and international trade, commercial development and competitiveness

Selected Publications & Presentations

Using Intellectual Property to Promote Development: Case Studies. Conference on IPR: Opportunities for Development (Cairo, October 15, 2004).

Goans, 2014. Intellectual Property Principles and Practice (English and Arabic). Cairo.

Commercial Law: Providing a Framework for Economic Growth. 2002. Conference on Policy and Institutional Challenges Facing the Egyptian Economy. Cairo. May 26.

Goans and ElShafie. Improving the Effectiveness of Egypt’s Patent System, A.I.D. - Cairo Contract No. 263-C-00-96-0050-00, September 1998.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: the Implementation of TRIPS. 1997. AIPPI Symposium. Cairo. October 21.

Protecting American Intellectual Property Abroad, A Guide for U.S. Firms. 1986.  Bus. Am. October 27.


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