Jeremy Schanck

Principal Associate


M.A., International Affairs, American University, Washington DC
B.S., Communications, Ithaca College, New York

T: (202) 468-3305

Jeremy Schanck is a versatile trade capacity building professional with more than 12 years of experience managing large, complex technical assistance programs throughout the developing world. As deputy chief of party for the $11 million USAID Worldwide Support for Trade Capacity Building (TCBoost) project, Mr. Schanck managed as many as 12 trade capacity building subprojects concurrently, keeping a large global project team on task and on time and ensuring production and quality control.

In trade facilitation, Mr. Schanck cowrote several customs modernization handbooks and tools, including the Authorized Economic Operator Handbook and the Post-Clearance Audit Handbook, and helped develop TCBaseline, a tool designed to measure uniformly developing-country customs capacity. He also contributed to transport corridor analyses in West and East Africa, helped oversee customs modernization activities in Jordan, and conducted desk research on trade facilitation in West Bank/Gaza. He has also helped design trade facilitation training for internal and external audiences. He is currently project director for Nathan Associates’ activities in compliance management (AEO, PCA, risk management) for the USAID-funded Bangladesh Trade Facilitation Activity.

Upon joining Nathan Associates, Mr. Schanck served as project director for the Nigeria Trade and Transport Program, which worked with the government of Nigeria to rationalize trade policy, improve trade facilitation (customs modernization, corridor management), and increase capacity to comply with regional and international food safety standards.

Before joining Nathan Associates, Mr. Schanck spent seven years at Chemonics International, working as project director for the USAID Azerbaijan Trade and Investment Reform Support Program and designing technical approaches for trade policy, trade facilitation, and export promotion proposals in Europe and Eurasia. He also cowrote communications strategies for USAID economic growth programs, including a strategy to raise awareness of and support for tax reform in Mongolia, and was an active member of Chemonics’ Strategic Communications community of practice.

Mr. Schanck has worked in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, South Korea, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Uganda.

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Trade facilitation, trade policy, agriculture and food security, trade capacity building, communications


French, German, Indonesian

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