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Nathan Economic Consulting India Private Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nathan Associates Inc. with offices is Delhi and Chennai. Staffed with expert economists and highly skilled researchers, the subsidiary provides clients a range of services—from market surveys and econometric analysis of survey data to economic impact analysis of industrial development on the environment. Clients include Indian banks, providers of analytical services, and conglomerates, as well as U.S. trade associations and litigation clients. Nathan India is also pursuing work in sports economics in the wake of cricket franchise development through the Indian Premier League. 


We provide our clients a quantitative basis for strategic decisions, applying the latest advances in economic science and sophisticated quantitative techniques. Our services include

  • Designing and implementing surveys
  • Analyzing and synthesizing transaction data, survey data, and data from secondary sources'
  • Economic modeling using econometric, time-series, and other statistical techniques.

Practice Areas

Consumer Behavior Research

Nathan Economic Consulting helps companies understand their customers’ preferences, attitudes, and sensitivity to changes in prices and marketing strategies. Our research provides insights into consumer behavior to help companies devise

  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing campaigns, including promotions and advertisements
  • Product introductions and product mix strategies
  • Customer retention strategies.

We use primary and secondary data that capture purchasing decisions made by individuals; and their socio-demographic profile, economic characteristics, and behavioral traits.

Competitive Strategy

We provide insight into organizational performance and competitiveness by assessing business potential in market segments and geographic areas. We

  • Analyze and explain the financial performance of companies, industry or sectors, and assess competitiveness
  • Conduct supply chain analysis and identify bottlenecks, and benchmark the firm/industry vis-a-vis its competitors or other markets
  • Identify performance indicators and devise systems to monitor them
  • Develop decision support systems that identify promising markets and potential customers, profiling them in terms of demand for various goods and services.

Impact Analysis

We discern and estimate the impact of changes in economic, market, and business conditions, as well as public policies and government regulations. We quantify the impact of

  • Government policies on companies and the economy
  • Various social programs (including Corporate Social Responsibility programs) on the lives of the beneficiaries
  • Products and services (such as micro-finance, Information and Communication Technology, etc) on the lives of individuals and the overall economy.

Litigation Economics

Nathan Economic Consulting provides economic analysis in litigation matters in India, Europe, and the United States. We assess market power and define relevant markets, estimate damages, and evaluate economic evidence of impact and liability. We provide analysis of cases involving

  • Competition law – anticompetitive acts, abuse of dominance, mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property – valuation, damages from infringement
  • Financial litigation – bankruptcy, valuation, fraud on the market, etc., and
  • Other commercial litigation.


Nathan Economic Consulting is led by Ram Tamara. He is supported by numerous economists and analysts in Delhi and our office in Chennai.


Our projects cover a range of sectors and business functions—finance, transport, industrial production, sports, and marketing.

Listed below are links to descriptions of projects in our various practice areas:

Consumer Behavior Research

Competitive Strategy

Impact Analysis

Litigation Economics


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