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A Balancing Act: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Reforming India’s Legal Services Market

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"The legal services sector is one of the most restricted sectors, not only in India but also across the world," this report for the British High Commission finds. "Most regulations including restrictions on the advertisement of legal services, organizational forms that are permissible, and the...

Five Years in India for Nathan

December 23, 2013—Nathan India just turned five and is ready to expand services in a nation trying to clear obstacles to its full economic potential. The subsidiary of Nathan Associates Inc. celebrated its fifth anniversary on December 6, 2013, at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, an occasion for...

Competition Can Only Improve India’s Electricity Sector

November 11, 2013--India has been reforming regulation of its electricity sector since the early 1990s, and the Electricity Act of 2003 introduced competition to all supply segments —generation, transmission, and distribution. The sector, however, is still subject to anti-competitive political...

Auctions and the Value of Coal in India

October 8, 2012-In a recent article in The Hindu Business Line, Nathan India economists Samita Sareen and Sangeeta Singh explore what methods of issuing coal mining licenses will bring the most value to India’s taxpayers. Of particular concern are how various licensing methods address “information...

Nathan India Shortlisted for Porter Prize

October 3, 2012—Nathan India was among 28 firms considered for the prestigious Porter Prize, awarded for the first time in India this year. Named after Harvard professor Michael Porter, the prize recognizes outstanding achievement in business strategy and competition in 16 industries, from finance...

Digicel Still Dominant in Vanuatu: Mobile Provider Exerts Control in Duopoly Market

July 23, 2012—In April 2011, Digicel, an international telecommunications provider, requested review of a June 2009 ruling by Vanuatu’s regulator that had declared the firm dominant in two local markets, the market for retail mobile services and the wholesale market for call termination. Nathan...

Economic Regulation of Airline Ticket Pricing in India, 2012

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Nathan India assisted India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation in defining “predatory” and “excessive” pricing in the civil aviation sector, with particular attention to the pricing of airline tickets. We identified data necessary to monitor prices and other conflating...

Pricing of Aviation Turbine Fuel in India, 2011-2012

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On behalf of India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation and Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Nathan India conducted a research study on the pricing of aviation turbine fuel (ATF). ATF accounts for more than 40 percent of airlines’ operational costs in India. We analyzed pricing methods used in India and...

Impact of Regulations on Competition in India’s Civil Aviation Sector, 2011-2012

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On behalf of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Nathan India identified and analyzed regulatory provisions that could inhibit competition in civil aviation. Issues such as ease of entry and exit, slot allocation, and connectivity were studied in detail. We recommended ways to promote...

Report on Benchmarked Interconnection Rates Submitted to the Telecom Regulator in Vanuatu

The Vanuatu Telecom Act of 2009 established a system of interconnection compensation in which a network originating a call that ends in another network pays a fee to the terminating network. Networks may negotiate interconnection and termination fees, but if they cannot reach an agreement, they...

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