Economic & Environmental Impact Analysis

Bret C. Cohen

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Bret C. Cohen is Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Nathan. Mr. Cohen is regarded for his ability to identify and implement practical business solutions for operational, strategic, and legal challenges.  He utilizes all aspects of his technical and diverse corporate background to help...

A Balancing Act: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Reforming India’s Legal Services Market

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"The legal services sector is one of the most restricted sectors, not only in India but also across the world," this report for the British High Commission finds. "Most regulations including restrictions on the advertisement of legal services, organizational forms that are permissible, and the...

Solving the water problem is not quixotic, just difficult

By John BeyerMarch 12, 2015--Water is essential to human life and it is the world’s scarcest resource, even though at certain times and in certain places it is the most abundant. Supply and demand are rarely, if ever, in balance. To achieve balance should we be like Don Quixote and joust, filled...

Guatemala, Independent Engineering & Construction Oversight for the San Mateo and San Andrés Hydropower Projects (2014)

Nathan Associates was hired by the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), a backer of private sector development, as independent engineering adviser to monitor construction of two hydroelectric power stations in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The IIC hired Nathan after it completed due diligence...

Guatemala, Due Diligence for San Mateo and San Andres Hydropower Projects (2013)

Nathan Associates analyzed plans for hydroelectric stations proposed by Generadora San Mateo SA and Generadora San Andrés SA in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The planned capacity is 19.1 megawatts for the San Mateo station and 9.7 megawatts for the San Andrés station, with combined annual production of...

FastPath 2 Will be Put to the Test in the Philippines

Second-generation diagnostic tool has broader and more refined applicationsMay 12, 2014—Experts from Nathan Associates are getting ready to evaluate how well certain products are transported through the Philippines. Those products could include cacao, coffee, bananas, seaweed, mango and shrimp. Led...

Look Both Ways! Ensuring Road Safety in Economic Development

Road projects that aid development in poor countries can also lead to an increase in traffic deaths. But, as noted in “Reinventing the Wheel” (The Economist, January 25–31) those deaths can be minimized by devoting a portion of road budgets to safety.When evaluating transportation and...

Jeffrey L. Dense

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Dr. Dense is an internationally recognized authority on gambling policy. In addition to teaching and conducting research, he has served as consultant to domestic and international governments. His gaming-related work has focused on the substitution effects between competing forms of gambling...

ASEAN’s New Disaster Monitoring System Working From Day One

June 8, 2012—The planned demonstration of ASEAN’s new disaster monitoring and response system in Jakarta turned into urgent application when a powerful earthquake hit near Sumatra. The ASEAN-U.S. Technical Assistance and Training Facility, managed by Nathan Associates, is supporting the...

Socioeconomic Impact of Roads and Highways, India, 2009

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For a public-private partnership foundation in India, Nathan India studied the socioeconomic impact of arterial networks of roads and highways in India and the potential returns on investment in those networks. We examined the impact of roads and highways on economic growth (output, costs, trade,...

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