Are you curious, innovative, and intent on shaping the world around you?

Working at Nathan Associates

Are you curious, innovative, and intent on shaping the world around you? Then you’ll fit right in at Nathan Associates, where economists, CPAs, valuation specialists, development practitioners, and econometricians provide expert services to law firms, multilateral lending institutes, aid agencies, governments foreign and domestic, trade associations, and private businesses and individuals.

What We Do

Economists and analysts in our litigation consulting practice provide expert analysis and testimony for litigation and regulatory matters in the United States and abroad. With expertise concentrated in antitrust, class certification, damage analysis, financial, intellectual property, and labor and employment litigation, they assist clients on complex matters in a wide variety of industries. The work is diverse and challenging and demands the highest standard of quality. 

Senior staff in our international development practice and our infrastructure practice work with donor agencies, international lending institutions, governments, and firms in developing countries on all aspects of private sector development and policy reform—providing management and technical expertise, applied research, and training for projects worldwide. Junior and support staff provide technical services to clients, contribute to proposals, and support finance, accounting, and contract services from our office in Arlington, Virginia.

Staff in our business and industry practice provide trade associations, private firms, and governments persuasive analyses of the impact of a variety of industries on an economy and the impact of government policies and regulations on industries. They specialize in quantifying the impact of change and in explaining what others merely report.

Where We Work

For litigation consulting, our main offices are in Arlington, Virginia, and in Irvine, California, with minimal travel required. For international development and infrastructure work, many staff are based in Arlington at headquarters or in London with Nathan Associates London Ltd, traveling only as needed, or they assume long-term positions on projects in Asia, the Middle East, or Central, South, or Latin America. For business and industry consulting, expert staff are based in Arlington and Irvine, and in Chennai India with Nathan India.

Nathan Associates is an equal opportunity employer.

Economic Analyst Spotlight

Paul W. Moore

Senior Vice President, International Services

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